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Welcome to LightDark Academy!
My name is Giuseppe Improta and I am an Italian Visual Artist now living in British Columbia, Canada.

I created this website and all its content to share the knowledge I gained in my over 15 years of experience in media content creation, including working as Lighting Lead for blockbuster movies like Spiderman Homecoming and also working as fine art photographer and cinematographer.
You can visit my personal website to know more about me.

This website is all about 3D Lighting and Lookdev, Cinematography and Photography and all the related visual arts (sculpture, art history etc.) that help you develop a deeper understanding of how light works and how we can use it to communicate better and thoroughly in our images.

I have always loved creating images, from drawing and painting to photography, videography and cinematography and computer graphics and I feel I am really lucky to do the job I have dreamed of.
This website and all the content comes from my sense of gratitude I have towards life for giving me this gift and from the hope that it will help other people realizing their artistic dream.

I write blog posts and release YouTube videos every week to help you improve your skills as a CG artist specialized in rendering.
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Many thanks for stopping by!

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